Pictured: Infiniti Edge Fireplace with Floating Hearth

Innovative Fireplaces

Our innovative Infiniti Fireplaces are made-to-order. We offer 4 base models with multiple customization options so you get all the things you are looking for in your dream fireplace.

Base Models:
  • Infiniti Edge: Our signature fireplace that brings the fire media to the very edge.
  • Infiniti Orion: The media is pushed back allowing our signature 1/4” edge around the entire perimeter.
  • Infiniti Gemini: The bottom of the fireplace is divided into thirds for a modern appearance.
  • Infiniti Quattro: Creates an island for the media and allows non-combustible hearths to extend into the unit.
Pictured: Our 8 Fireplace Customization Options

Customization Options:

  • Symmetric: Open front gives a simple, classic design.
  • See-Through: Open front and back allows one fireplace to be utilized for two spaces.
  • Peninsula: Open front, back, and one side gives great views of flame from multiple angles
  • Open End (Left or Right): Open front and side allows the flame to be viewed from multiple angles.
  • Open Both Ends: Open front and both sides gives a sleek, modern design.
  • Outdoor Ventless: Our chimney-less fireplace is the perfect option for outdoor spaces.
  • Glass Front: A pane of glass across the front of the fireplace provides another level of safety and prevents children from touching the flame.

Innovative Design in Action

For real-life examples of our quality fireplaces, check out the gallery.